How we use personalized flows and campaigns.

with zero-party (customer-first) data

Get a hand-crafted quiz experience for your customers to interact with on your Shopify store

  • 5X higher sales conversion rate from quiz-takes than the average Shopify website.
  • Increase opt-in collection (email/SMS)
  • Collect a large amount of zero-party data in a natural way
  • Sync data to Klaviyo in order to grow your marketing list and power segmentation
  • Sync data to your Facebook ad account in order to bypass the need for a pixel

Get the quiz results and abandonment flow added to your Klaviyo account

Every customer is different — so why send them the same email when they first sign up for your store’s newsletter? Our experts will setup a dynamic Klaviyo flow that sends a set of personalized product recommendations based on data collected directly from the customer.

Get your post-purchase flows personalized not just based on what someone purchased, but based on who they are

It isn’t enough to just email people based on their purchase history, you need to take into account their goals and attributes. Our certified experts understand this and will work with you to create the perfect personalized post-purchase flows.

Segment campaigns based on data your customers give you

One of the most impactful ways to improve your Klaviyo marketing is to start segmenting your campaign lists. Our certified experts will identify which data points are needed for segmentation, collect the data, create the segments, and craft your campaigns for you. 

Are you ready to fully leverage Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) like you've always wanted to?

Hire us to personalization your ecommerce store. Our team is ready to work with you

What You Get

A Dedicated team of Klaviyo experts, that are also registered partners with Octane AI. (Yes the perfect Shopify stack.)
They will handle the implementation of this Advanced personalization technology setup. Your Personalized Klaviyo flows including; personalized product recommendations, personalized reviews, and personalized educational content.

Who This Is For

Shopify brands making at least $50k+/month. Shopify brands who currently send every customer the same exact welcome series but wish they could personalize te emails based on who each customer is. Shopify brands having a hard time with iOS data policy changes and need a new way to convert sales.


30% to 250% increase in email revenue 15-45% increase in AOV 2x increase in site visitors converted to leads (email & SMS) and a 10x increase in targetable data collected from site visitors Bypass iOS pixel blocks and create protected advertising audiences

"Everything Starts With A Conversation"

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