Benefits of our Partnership Program

  • Get access to our Slack Channel & Expert Shopify Solutions Engineer -with over 7 years of experience developing on Shopify. Your team can reach out for any feedback or questions on an ongoing solution. Our slack channel is a resource extension for your team!


  • Freelancing can be hard if you don’t have a network built up – that’s where we help you. Partnering up  with us gives you additional resources at your disposal along with real-time response from our Solutions Engineers and Consultants via our Slack Channel.


Client Testimonials

"Dave helped me every step of the way. He helped me design my webpage and set up email addresses for my consulting business. He helped me see the importance of automation so I didn't waste valuable time. He even gave me the motivation to set up an online store. When you work with SalesChannel.Design you really get the whole package."
Cait - HealingFreq
“Without Dave pushing me, I wouldn't have started my own security company. He's helped me gain an online presence and to automate my client services. I was able to do everything from set up a corporate account to get more customers from an already existing list. I'm making a lot more money and wasting a lot less time.”
Steve - Steve's Security Services
“I got consulting on the website and design, and then integrated their back office into the website. It allowed me to streamline my invoicing, job assignments, and schedule my team. Now I can automatically collect my customers from my website and know I have a process to deliver excellent service.”
Dave - South End Roofing

Become a Partner Today

We are searching for a world class marketing partner to join our growing partners pool.

Partner with us today to join our exponential growth! We are looking for ambitious and driven development and marketing firms with big dreams. 

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