eCommerce Consulting and Development Services

  • eCommerce focused campaign and web design and development
  • Convert more sales with a website that is easy to manage and update 
  • UX design website build based on your ideal customer and what problems you’re solving for them
  • Zero-party data captures ensure you receive the correct data from your visitors 
  • Customer Segmentation and retargeting consultations
  • Increase conversion rates with account campaigns
  • We build you a personalized plan to activate new relationships from your existing customer base

Digitization and modernization of real businesses

  • Digital audit of business’s presence and process – We audit how you are presented online 
  • Business development digital action plan – Written report of the next steps needed to improve your online presence.
  • Lead Generation Services with personalized CRM setup, complete end-to-end enhancement of the Outreach platform sequence automation 
  • WordPress and email setup (Up to 5 email accounts)
  • Google my business set up and domain integration
  • Domain, copyright and photography/graphics not included (Additional fees if required)

Personalized Flows and Campaigns

  • Get a hand-crafted quiz experience for your customers to interact with on your Shopify store
  • Convert 5X higher sales  from quiz-takes than the average Shopify website
  • Use our dynamic Klaviyo flow that sends a set of personalized product recommendations based on data collected directly from the customer
  • Get your post-purchase flows personalized not just based on what someone purchased, but based on who they are
  • Segment campaigns based on data your customers give you